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Happy, healthy, and 100% scrumptious waffles.

Makes2 Large Waffles
Makes In30 mins
Dietary[[v]] [[g]] [[ve]]


2Twinings Strawberry & Raspberry tea bags
200mlHot Water
75gBuckwheat Flour
25gOats Flour (Oats Ground Into Course Flour)
1Ripe Banana
2 tbspChia Seeds
1 tspVanilla Extract
3 tbspMaple Syrup
3 tbspMelted Coconut Oil
½ tspBaking Powder


  • Brew the Strawberry & Raspberry tea bags in the hot water for 10 minutes.
  • Combine the chia seeds with 6 tbsp water and leave to form a gel-like consistency. This will take about 5 minutes.
  • Add the buckwheat flour, oat flour and baking powder to a bowl.
  • Mash the ripe banana and add this to the bowl of dry ingredients, as well as the now thickened chia seed mixture, melted coconut oil, maple syrup and vanilla extract.
  • Remove the tea bags from the water and slowly pour this in to the mixing bowl with the other ingredients. Mix well.
  • Make sure your waffle maker is hot and ready to use, then brush both waffle plates with a little coconut oil - this makes the outside of the waffles perfectly crisp and prevents sticking!
  • Pour in about half the waffle batter and cook on a medium heat for approximately 5 minutes (depending on the size of the waffle and your machine). Remove the waffle carefully from the machine, and repeat with the rest of the batter. This recipe makes 2 large waffles.
  • Top with fresh strawberries, raspberries, pomegranate seeds and maple syrup. Enjoy with a cup of Twinings Strawberry & Raspberry Herbal Tea or Twinings English Breakfast Tea.
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