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Green tea. Steamed and pan-fired. A natural source of antioxidant manganese. A little lift in every sip.

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Featured Recipes

  • Green Tea Warmer

    Cosy up with this green tea winter warmer, with spicy ginger, soothing honey and a splash of tangy lemon. The perfect antidote to chilly days.

  • Cleanse Green Tea & Tonic

    Quench your thirst with this refreshing and tart green tea tonic. Mixed and muddled with our Superblends Cleanse for a unique taste. Ideal for a faux G&T.
  • Green Tea Spritz

    Enjoy your green tea on ice, with this refreshing twist on a classic green tea. Full of zest and fizz, transform your sparkling water to sparking tea with this refreshing green tea spritz. 

Create Your Mindful Moment

  • The Art of Tea Meditation

    Tea meditation is a gentle mindful practice that helps you press pause and savour the moment with a cup of tea. Here’s how to enjoy your own tea meditation.
  • 10 Ways to Unwind Before Bedtime 

    Whether you struggle to fall asleep, stay asleep, or wake up feeling energised, here are 10 ways to unwind before bedtime and ease you into slumber.
  • Micro-moments of Calm - 4 Relaxing Ways to Help Relieve Stress

    Help reduce those feelings of overwhelm with four tried and tested ways to help calm your body and mind. A great way to support your day.

Sourced With Care

People are at the heart of Sourced with Care, part of Twinings’ responsible sourcing programme.

Every day in gardens and farms around the world, hundreds of thousands of people are growing, tending and harvesting the finest ingredients. Without these people, their skills and the environment where our ingredients grow, a cup of Twinings tea would not be possible.

Sourced With Care is our way of recognising the vital role that these people and their communities play through programmes that aim to drive positive change through empowering women, supporting incomes, and improving living standards.

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Sourced With Care

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