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Welcome to the Twinings Wellbeing Hub, a one-stop place to visit for wellbeing tips and tricks to help you get the most out of life.

With regular updates to share our latest launches and relevant advice for the time of year.

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At Twinings we know how important a good nights sleep is and we want to gift you everything we know about how to unwind to help you get a rejuvenating nights sleep, every night.

Within our hub you will find tips and tricks from our resident herbal experts.

A Moment to Chill

New Soulful Blends

We know how full on life can get, but you can find everything here to help you maintain balance. Our Soulful Blends range was developed with Ayurvedic tradition in mind, to bring a sense of balance and ease to your day.

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Superblends Sleep

Superblends Sleep Tea

The Twinings sleep blend with spiced apple has a combination of sweet & spicy herbs that create a
soothing warming taste, to kick start your night-time ritual. The beautiful passionflower herb takes the lead in this blend with its gentle nature. As it’s sipped, the sweet aroma of apple, chamomile and vanilla is like a hug in a mug.

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Superblends Moment of Calm

Superblends Moment of Calm

Our Calm blend was created to give you a few minutes out of your busy day to sit back and relax, whilst you enjoy the sweet earthy taste of chamomile and roasted chicory root, all whilst inhaling the warming spices of cinnamon and cardamon.

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Superblends Sleep Valerian

Superblends Sleep Valerian

The Twinings Sleep Valerian blend is perfect for herbal tea lovers. The combination of flowers such as orange blossom, lavender and chamomile create a sweet floral aroma to help soothe the senses. As you sink into your mattress you can enjoy the grounding herbal depth provided by valerian root and passionflower.

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Featured Recipes

  • Nighttime Latte - Infused with Superblends Sleep

    A creamy and cosy bedtime latte infused with our Superblends Sleep tea, featuring valerian and orange blossom. For a relaxing and restful night.
  • Bedtime Smoothie - Infused with Superblends Sleep

    A delicious and soothing nighttime smoothie featuring our Superblends Sleep tea with spiced apple and camomile. Designed to help you relax before bed.
  • Nighttime Toddy - Infused with Superblends Sleep

    A soothing bedtime drink infused with our Superblends Sleep tea, featuring spiced apple, vanilla, camomile and passionflower. For a good night’s sleep.

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A Cup Filled with Care

By putting care into the making of all our drinks, we put wellbeing at the heart of every cup of Twinings.

We believe our drinks can be a force for positive change around the world – from the communities where we source our ingredients to the homes where our drinks are enjoyed. We are working to improve the wellbeing and livelihoods of our farmers and sourcing communities, while protecting the planet we rely on by sourcing quality ingredients to the highest ethical and sustainable standards, and improving our environmental impacts.

Working to improve the wellbeing of people and the planet through the making of our drinks.

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