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More Zing With Zinc - What Is It & Why Do We Need It?

Did you know that, although your body needs zinc to do its job, you don’t actually produce it naturally, nor can your body store it! This is why it’s even more important that we pay attention to what we put into our bodies and eat a healthy and balanced diet.

More Zing With Zinc - What Is It & Why Do We Need It?

Z-incase You Didn't Know

Much-overlooked, https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Zinc Found in every cell within the body, it supports growth during childhood, helps keep our immune system and metabolism, and is even fundamental to healing wounds and caring for our sense of taste and smell.

For your body to keep steady and level, it requires around 9.5mg for men and 7mg for women. So if you don’t produce it how do you get more of this nifty little mineral and how do you know if you’re not getting enough?

Foods High in Zinc

Why Does My Body Need Zinc? 

Like with anything, if you’re not getting enough or too much, your body will soon start to tell you. And, if you suffer from digestive disorders or are pregnant and breastfeeding, it’s even more important that you’re keeping an eye on the wonders of zinc.

Not enough zinc in your diet, although rare, it can impact growth and development in children, cause chronic diarrhoea, and reduce the ability of your body to heal. And, it can even cause hair thinning, sore eyes and skin.

Added Zinc 

So, how can you get more of this small but mighty mineral into your diet? 


There are so many different types of food that are high in zinc, from shellfish, cheese and meat to nuts, seeds, wholemeal bread and even chickpeas. And because shellfish and meat are naturally high in zinc, it’s essential that vegans and vegetarians are making sure they’re catered for too.

Make sure you’re packing in plenty of zing with tasty snacks that are loaded with this vital nutrient

  • Feeling peckish? Chickpeas are naturally high in zinc, so why not swap that packet of crisps for hummus and pita bread as a light snack?. Or why not try these crunchy smoked chickpeas?
  • Top your yoghurt with some hemp seeds, pumpkin seeds and sesame seeds. Seeds are also a great source of fibre too!
  • Snack on a handful of cashews, or why not try these cranberry and granola bars and pack them full of nuts?
  • One large egg contains around 5% of your daily value of zinc, and 100g of cheese has over 28%, so a tasty omelette is a great way to up your zinc.
  • You could also try our Cold Infuse Metabolism tea, a refreshing watermelon, and apple flavoured tea with each infuser containing around 15% of your recommended daily intake of zinc!
Cold Infuse Metabolism with added Zinc

Unleash the hidden powers of this small but oh-so-mighty mineral through delicious and nourishing food and drink and give your body the zing it needs.

If you are pregnant/breastfeeding or on drug medication, be sure to consult with a professional before trying these remedies.

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