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Revive Raspberry Over Ice

Revive Raspberry Over Ice

Revive Raspberry & Vitamin C is packed full of flavour.

A fabulous, sugar free infusion that's packed with a juicy raspberry punch, a hint of floral hibiscus & whole pieces of apple and beetroot. Sip your way to wellbeing with this super tasty infusion.

Makes1 mocktail
Makes In5 mins


1Twinings Revive Raspberry pyramid bag
120mlHot water
Soda water or sparling water


  • Take Revive Raspberry pyramid bag and put into Twinings shaker.
  • Add 120ml Freshly drawn hot water, leave for 1 minute.
  • Use some tongs or a spoon and squeeze the bag a couple of times.
  • Add ice up to the 8oz line, put lid on shaker. Shake.
  • Add crushed ice into the glass, pour over the Revive. If you would like sparkling water leave some room to top up accordingly.


With citrus peel, some fresh or dried raspberries or dried flowers.

*Doesn’t contain caffeine *Vegan

Revive Raspberry Over Ice
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