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Carrot & Sweet Potato Soup with Ginger and Turmeric

Autumn, Carrot, Coconut, Dairy-Free, Ginger, Lunch, Soup, Sweet Potato, Turmeric, Vegan
This carrot and sweet potato soup with spices such as ginger and turmeric is great for helping to keep your immune system fighting fit.

Raspberry Coconut Macaroons

Afternoon Tea, Agave Syrup, Cakes, Chocolate, Coconut, Dessert, Gluten-Free, Nutty, Raspberry, Snacks, Vegan
Coconut macaroons with a twist. They’re gluten free, they’re refined sugar free and they’re suitable for vegans, but these raspberry coconut macaroons are anything but boring.

Strawberry & Coconut Cream Tarts

Afternoon Tea, Banana, Coconut, Dessert, fruit infusions, Fruit Tea, Fruity, Gluten-Free, Honey, Snacks, Strawberry, Summer, Tart, Vegetarian
These sweet, creamy, indulgent tarts are completely gluten, dairy, egg and nut free making them perfect for a Summer party or get-together as anyone will be able to enjoy them.