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Go green! Delicate, fragrant, and oh-so-pure, our green teas provide the perfect boost. From fruity and floral to decadent blends with a hint of something sweet. Add a natural boosting brew to your day with our green tea bag selection.
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Pure Green Tea - 20 Tea Bags

Pure Green Tea 20 Tea Bags

£2.25 each

Our light and refreshing green tea is made from only the highest-quality leaves.

What is Green Tea?

Firstly, it's delicious! But opinions aside (we think it's a fact), green tea is a nourishing hot drink that takes its name from its deep green colour. 

What's interesting is that green tea comes from the same plant – the camellia sinensis – as other teas, including black, white and oolong. The difference is that green tea leaves aren't allowed to oxidise in the production process, which enables them to retain and celebrate their natural colour.

Its origins hark back thousands of years to ancient China, with China and Japan still the largest producers of green tea today. Thankfully, they've long since shared this natural gift with the wider world. Green tea was probably one of the first teas imported into the UK several centuries ago – and it's grown in popularity ever since.

How Was Green Tea First Discovered?

It's widely thought that green tea was first discovered in 2737 BC when, on his travels, the Chinese Emperor Shennong mistakenly drank hot water with a stray tea leaf inside. After initially failing to notice the colour change, he found the drink refreshing and asked for it to be prepared for him thereafter. Talk about a happy accident!

How is Green Tea Made Today?

Today, just like all teas, the green tea production process begins by plucking the leaves of the camellia sinensis plant, one of nature's greatest gifts. The leaves are then taken to a factory – ideally close by for freshness – before being sorted into batches.

The tea leaves are then laid out to dry for a few hours in a process known as withering. Oxidation would usually come after withering, but this stage is left out when making green tea. Instead, the leaves are pan-dried or steamed to kill any active enzymes. The leaves are then rolled in preparation for packing.  

That's only the short version though. Find out more in our guide to tea production processes.

What Types of Green Tea Are There?

Green tea is one of the most diverse tea groups around. On top of a variety of natural tasting notes such as fruits and nuts, this reviving drink can be combined with other ingredients to enhance, mellow, or contrast its natural qualities. 

We celebrate variety at Twinings and offer many types of green tea to suit different drinkers and moments. Take your pick from a wide selection of flavoured green teas, plus caffeinated and decaffeinated options too. 

Herbal green teas: Choose from ginger, mint, jasmine, or lotus flower for soothing, refreshing, or floral results.

Fruit green teas: Add a little zest to your cup with everything from zingy lemon to tropical pineapple and sweet lychee. 

Pure green tea: The best choice for purists; 100% green tea made from the finest leaves and nothing else.

Decaffeinated green tea: Sensitive to caffeine or minding your intake? Then try our decaffeinated range for a mellow feel but the same punchy taste. Read more about caffeine in green tea

How to Drink Green Tea

It's totally up to you, of course. But we generally recommend brewing our green tea bags for a maximum of two minutes to keep hold of their delicate taste. Use one green tea bag per drink, add hot water, and give milk a miss to celebrate its natural qualities.

Top tip: It's best to let boiled water cool a little – ideally to around 80°C – before pouring it into your cup. This is because green tea is a little more delicate than black tea, so you could be left with a more bitter taste if you pour freshly boiled water on top right away.  

Why Choose Twinings' Green Tea Selection?

Just like green tea itself, our history is long and storied. We've been blending for over 300 years, so you can rely on a great cup with every brew. 

Exceptional quality: Our Master Blenders rate hundreds of samples every week from all over the world to make sure we only buy the best. We don't own any tea gardens either, so we're free to partner with the best producers around.

Broad selection: We've innovated since day one to introduce people to new tastes and experiences. From our diverse green tea flavours to our decaffeinated options, there's a perfect blend for every home brewer.

Preferred by tea drinkers: Looking for the best green tea brand in the UK? Don’t just take our word for it. We're the number one choice for Out of Home Tea, with people considering our tea to be higher quality and better tasting than others. 

Committed to care: All our teas are sourced with care, from looking after the environment they grow in to treating suppliers and pickers fairly. Learn more about our commitment to communities.

Shop our green teas today and experience more. Got a question? Check our FAQs or contact us

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