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10 Healthy Ways to Use Matcha

Green tea goodness. Fancy making matcha part of your day? We're sharing our ten ways to make the most of matcha, from lattes and lollies to cakes and smoothies. 

10 Healthy Ways to Use Matcha
What is Matcha?

High in antioxidants and packed full of goodness, green tea has always been known for its health benefits but what about matcha?

This popular tea packs a powerful punch, with studies showing that matcha powder contains up to 137 times more catechins, a compound in tea that acts as a natural antioxidant.

But, What is Matcha?

Matcha literally means ‘rubbed tea’, made from the first tea leaves; it’s steamed, dried, and ground down into the luscious green powder we know to be matcha.

With its strong and distinctive flavour that errs on the side of bitter, alongside making a delicious tea or matcha latte, it can also be used in cooking. 

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How Do You Prepare Your Matcha?

Fancy giving matcha a try? Here’s how to get the best from this beautiful green powder:

  • Fill ⅓ of your matcha bowl with hot water to preheat it. Then place the whisk, face down, into the hot water. This will wet the tips of the whisk and not the entire whisk!
  • Once it’s preheated, pour out the water and dry your matcha bowl with a cloth. Leaving the whisk to one side, measure 70ml of hot water in a cup and leave to cool.
  • Using the bamboo scoop, take two scoops of matcha powder and place them in the matcha bowl - you may need to sift the powder first to avoid any clumps. 
  • Once the 70ml of hot water drops to around 70-80 degrees, pour it into the matcha bowl.
  • Hold the rim of the matcha bowl in one hand and the whisk in the other, and gently whisk in a ‘W’ motion, using your wrist (and not your arm). Keep whisking until your matcha forms a thick foam with tiny air bubbles. 
How Do You Prepare Your Matcha?

Get the Most From Your Matcha

Whether you’re a matcha novice or you’re looking for new ways to add matcha to your day, here’s how to get the most from your matcha!

Matcha Powder Latte

1. Matcha Latte

Love a latte? Mix things up with a delicious matcha powder latte, rich, creamy and high in antioxidants; it makes an excellent substitute for those sugar-loaded coffee lattes. 

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2. Matcha Bliss Balls 

The words simple and healthy don’t often go hand in hand when describing a quick snack, but these matcha bliss balls give a nutritious energy boost that requires no baking. 

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3. Matcha Lollies 

Keep hydrated with a refreshing matcha lolly. You can even add slices of fruit to give them an extra bite! 

4. Matcha Cake

Indulge in a slice of buttery and cakey deliciousness with this heavenly matcha cake recipe. It’s the ultimate tea loaf and combines the unique taste of matcha with the sweetness of cake.

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5. Matcha Icing

And whilst a slice of matcha cake goes down a treat with a cup of tea, you can take your bake to the next level with matcha icing. It also works well as a topping for a simple sponge cake!

6. Matcha Overnight Oats

Overnight oats are a great way to prep your breakfast the night before so that you can bounce out of bed and start the day with something healthy and tasty. Layer up your overnight oats with porridge oats, yoghurt and fruit, and either sprinkle some matcha powder on top or use our Superblends Matcha tea to infuse. 

Matcha Cake
Matcha & Avocado Smoothie

7. Matcha Smoothie

Power up your morning smoothie with matcha! This chocolatey and creamy delight tastes amazing whilst also being super good for you!

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8. Iced matcha Latte 

Swap your matcha latte for an iced matcha latte. Just change your hot milk to cold and add ice! Perfect for a warm summer’s day 

9. Matcha Chocolate Latte

Turn your matcha latte into a chocolate matcha latte using our Options Vegan Hot Chocolate Powder, combining the earthy taste of matcha with the sweetness of chocolate. 

10. Traditional Matcha Tea! 

And last but not least, how about a soothing cup of traditional matcha tea? Just use the steps listed above to prepare your matcha and add honey or maple syrup to taste. Or, for matcha on the go, use our Superblends Matcha tea with cranberry and lime!

Why not make matcha part of your day?

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