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Ginger Tea

Twinings ginger teas are a warm, invigorating way to add a hint of spice to your day. From our Superblends to classic lemon and ginger, each cup packs a punch.
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Twinings Ginger Tea

Ginger tea is a warm and invigorating tea that comes from root ginger. It works really well when combined with other flavours, such as lemon, camomile or when blended with green tea.

What is Ginger Tea?

A staple ingredient in most kitchens, ginger is often used as a palate cleanser or an accompaniment to many dishes. Ginger tea is a really popular tea, although strictly speaking, it’s an infusion as it doesn’t contain tea leaves. Ginger has long been used to create teas and to infuse foods, with the Ancient Greeks and Romans using it as both a spice and medicine. During the middle ages, ginger became popular in Europe and was used in cakes, beers, and other foods, and it has long been used in China as a remedy for colds and flu.

Today, ginger tea is enjoyed in lots of different ways and makes a comforting, warming, and spicy tea.

How to Pair Foods With Ginger Tea?

Ginger and ginger tea works great in foods, from lemon and ginger tea cake to gingerbread green tea fudge and ginger tea butternut squash soup, as well as refreshing ginger iced teas; there are lots of delicious and fun ways to add ginger tea to your day. 

Find out more about ginger tea and ginger tea recipes

What Types Of Ginger Tea Are There?

There are a wide variety of ginger teas and teas with ginger from our Superblends range, which features in Digest and Detox alongside citrus flavours to spiced ginger and the classic lemon and ginger.

• Lemon and Ginger Tea - A citrus, spice and all-things nice blend with a hint of lemon.

• Superblends Detox Tea: A herbal blend including lemon peel, ginger, fennel with added selenium.

• Superblends Digest Ginger and Turmeric: A warm-hearted blend of turmeric, ginger and fig.

• Chai Vanilla: A vanilla chai with warming ginger and spice.

• Gingerbread Joy Tea: Lift your spirits with the ginger and cinnamon flavours of this irresistible black tea.

How to Enjoy a Cup of Ginger Tea?

The way you drink your tea is all down to preference. Here are a few tips to get the most out of your ginger tea.

Always use freshly drawn cold water.

Never pour boiling water over tea bags.

Use one ginger tea bag per drink.

Add lemon and honey to enhance the flavour and add a touch of sweetness.

Ginger tea can be enjoyed hot or cold, but it does make for a really soothing and warming cup of tea.

Why Choose Twinings' Ginger Tea?

With over 300 years of tea blending behind us, you can count on Twinings ginger tea for the perfect cup every time.

Exceptional quality: Our Master Blenders rate hundreds of samples every week worldwide to ensure we only buy the best. We don't own any tea gardens, so we're free to partner with the best producers.

Broad selection: We've innovated since day one to introduce people to new tastes and experiences.

Preferred by tea drinkers: Looking for the best ginger tea? Don’t just take our word for it. We're the number one choice for Out of Home Tea, with people considering our tea to be higher quality and better tasting than others.

Committed to care: All our teas are sourced with care, from looking after the environment they grow in, to treating suppliers and pickers fairly. Learn more about our commitment to communities.

Shop our ginger tea today and experience more. Got a question? Check our FAQs or contact us

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