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300 years of knowledge & expertise in every drop. Crafted by our master blenders & expert herbalists. So you feel alive & experience more in every moment.

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Featured Recipes

  • Peach Cooler

    A delicious and refreshing peach cooler, mixed with basil, apple, and fig, for a truly unique taste.

  • Cool Camomile Iced Tea

    Quench your thirst with this cold infusion of camomile and elderflower. This refreshing iced blend combines cool camomile with the sweetness of elderflower. 

  • Tropical Cooler

    An invigorating cooler, made with the tropical flavours of pineapple. ginger and lemongrass.

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  • Energise Your Day - 5 Top Tips to Boost Your Motivation

    Lacking motivation? Need a little oomph? Here are five small but simple steps to energise your day, set some goals, and stick with them. No 4 am start required.

  • The Art of Balance - The Power of Herbs for Women's Wellness

    Find balance and reclaim your power naturally with these top five herbs for women's wellness. Helping to keep your hormones happy and healthy.
  • Four Breathing Exercises to Calm Your Body and Mind

    Looking for new ways to bring some calm into your day? Try these simple breathing exercises to soothe your body and mind.

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Sourced With Care

People are at the heart of Sourced with Care, part of Twinings’ responsible sourcing programme.

Every day in gardens and farms around the world, hundreds of thousands of people are growing, tending and harvesting the finest ingredients. Without these people, their skills and the environment where our ingredients grow, a cup of Twinings tea would not be possible.

Sourced With Care is our way of recognising the vital role that these people and their communities play through programmes that aim to drive positive change through empowering women, supporting incomes, and improving living standards.

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Sourced With Care
Recyclable Recyclable
Caffeine Free Caffeine Free
Sugar Free Sugar Free
Vegan Vegan
Biodegradable Tea Bags Biodegradable Tea Bags

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