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What is Cheese Tea?

We’re spilling the sweet cheese-flavoured tea on all things cheese tea. Try this growing trend and make your own cheese tea with our delicious recipe

What is Cheese Tea?
What Is Cheese Tea Made From?

Don’t worry; you didn’t read this wrong! We’re spilling the cheese-flavoured tea on this quirky trend that will leave you wondering why you’re so late to the cheese tea party!

Like its predecessor, bubble tea, the cheese tea craze originated in China and Taiwan and has grown hugely popular in Asian countries and across the United States.

Where Is Cheese Tea From?

Starting its journey in China, it’s believed that Chinese entrepreneur Nie Yunchen created cheese tea which soon found its place in the night markets in Taiwan, where the market vendors would whip up this sweet and creamy tea.

Moving its way across Asia and the United States, this creative and unique tea has found its place alongside the likes of bubble tea and boba as a fast-growing trend. 

What Is Cheese Tea Made From? 

Well, whilst 'technically' it’s made of cheese, the name cheese tea is not quite as it sounds. Made using soft cream cheese, icing sugar, and milk, this heavenly mix of ingredients is whipped together to create a sweet foam-like topping for black tea and green tea. Cheese tea, or naigai cha, is also known as milk cap tea or cheese mousse tea, which is a great way to describe its thick texture.

There are various ways to make cheese tea, but most recipes feature a traditional black or green tea, milk, soft cheese, icing sugar, and a pinch of salt.

How Do You Drink Cheese Tea?

Cheese tea is a bit like an iced latte, a cold brew tea with a creamy foam that sits on top and somewhat resembles a pint of beer. Depending on your preference, you can blend it all up after it’s served, a bit like adding milk to your tea, or tilt the cup to a 45-degree angle and sip from the foam as you let the tea gently pour in a second later.

Our advice on drinking this odd but strangely delicious tea is to avoid ice and not use a straw, as you won’t get any of the delightful thick mousse, and the delicious foam will simply melt away.

How Do You Drink Cheese Tea?
What Does Cheese Tea Taste of?

What Does Cheese Tea Taste of? 

A cup of brie...? 

Its name ‘cheese tea’ is not quite what it seems, as the cheese-infused topping is more like a sweet cheese or ice cream flavoured foam that sits on top of an ice-cold tea. Using either a black tea or a green tea, you can have plenty of fun making and drinking this indulgent treat.

It has a very unique taste, with the full, earthy flavours of a strong black or green tea whilst the foam adds a sweet, rich and creamy flavour with a slight hint of salt for balance. Fancy whipping up your own cup of cheese tea? Here’s our recipe for this cheesy treat!

There are so many great variations for this unique and delicious tea, and you can even use the decadent cheese topping on coffee and even hot chocolate.

Read Cheese Tea Recipe

Make Your Own Cheese Tea

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We're spilling the cheese-flavoured tea on this unique trend that will leave you wondering how cheese tea can be so delicious! Make your cheese tea in a few steps.
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