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Earl Grey Flavours from Twinings

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Earl Grey has practically become synonymous with Twinings. It was invented at our shop on the Strand in 1831 at the behest of the Prime Minster, Charles Grey.

Earl Grey Tea from Twinings - Discover our Range

History of Earl Grey Tea

Sometimes it feels like Earl Grey has practically become synonymous with Twinings. It was invented at our shop on the Strand in 1831 at the behest of the Prime Minster, Charles Grey, the second Earl Grey. And we named it after him.

But Earl Grey tea, believe it or not, is not its own category of tea. It falls into the category of flavoured teas. Flavoured teas include any type of tea - white, green, oolong, black - that has been scented or flavoured with fruit, flowers, spices, oils, extracts, and natural or artificial flavours.

This being the case, Earl Grey tea is not as simple as it first appears.

Our master blenders have exploited the freedom that being a “flavoured tea” brings; flavour meaning the distinctive taste of a food or a drink. Traditional Earl Grey has, of course, a very distinctive flavour – perfumed as it is with the smell and taste of bergamot. But we have a veritable plethora of variations on the theme of this beloved tea.

Read on as we give you the full kaleidoscope of Earl Grey flavours and infusions to tickle your taste buds.

Earl Grey Types

Traditional Earl Grey tea is a national favourite – black tea flavoured with bergamot and notes of lemon – and the Twinings range includes classic Earl Grey flavours that come in a variety of “types” such as decaffeinated, organic, blended or infused with other flavours and teas (such as green tea… yummy!)

Tea Bags or Loose Leaf

Today our Earl Grey comes in all varieties: Loose Tea caddies with stylish designs, perfect for tea aficionados and turning tea times into a bit of an occasion, our silky pyramid tea bags for an easy to facilitate loose leaf experience, string & tag tea bags, as well as regular tea bags in our brand new boxes containing foil sealed wrapping for extra freshness.

Earl Grey With Our Without Milk

Earl Grey, and any of its blended flavours, can be enjoyed at any time of day, with or without milk, a slice of lemon, or a drop of honey.

Drinking Earl Grey

Twinings Earl Grey Favourites

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Lady Grey

Lady Grey

If you're after something really refreshing why not try our lightly zingy Lady Grey? Inspired by rolling orange and lemon groves, we developed Lady Grey for Earl Grey lovers who wanted something a little bit fruitier.

We couldn't possibly play favourites, but Lady Grey will always have a special place in our hearts. Lady Grey tea is a modern invention, created by and trademarked by Twinings in the early 1990s to appeal to the Nordic market, which found Earl Grey tea too strong in flavour. Lady Grey differs from Earl Grey in that it contains additional lemon peel and orange peel. It first went on sale in Norway in 1994 and in Britain in 1996.

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Twinings Earl Grey Ranges

Earl Grey The Original Blend

The Original Blend

This is our Classic Earl Grey, with bergamot and light orange and lemon flavours, created for a British Prime Minister nearly 200 years ago. An amazing 100 fabulous tea bags of this favourite Earl of all times.

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Decaffeinated Earl Grey

Decaffeinated Earl Grey

No need to forgo your after dinner tea any more – decaffeinated yet still full of your favourite Earl Grey flavours. Drink it day or night – yeah!!

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Loose Leaf Earl Grey

Loose Leaf Earl Grey

For those who like the theatricality of the tea ceremony! A marvellously flavoursome addition to a traditional afternoon tea party. The tea caddies also stylishly decorate the tea table. Caddies last and last, making wonderful presents, and you can top them up with re-fills of loose tea.

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Plummy Earl Grey

Plummy Earl Grey

A light, floral tea, with rich, juicy plum and a dash of star anise – this fabulous tea is destined to become a classic in its own right! We are just a little bit addicted to it.

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London Strand Earl Grey

London Strand Earl Grey

This is a wonderfully sunny China tea, traditionally scented with bergamot but with a twist of other citrus notes and added lemon peels. Presented in a pretty gift box, evocative of old and new London, it contains a golden bag filled with loose-leaf pyramid tea bags. Earl Charles Grey would be pleased!

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What is Bergamot?

Learn More From Twinings About What is Bergamot?

Bergamot is a bitter, inedible citrus fruit – often called bergamot orange - and it's what gives Earl Grey tea it's distinctive, delicate flavour.
Twinings Earl Grey Bubble Tea

Twining Earl Grey Bubble Tea Recipe

This summer, enjoy the delights of Bubble Tea! This is a unique way of enjoying Twinings Earl Grey tea ice cold over boba tapioca pearls - a great party drink.
Earl Grey Ginger Fizz Iced Tea

Earl Grey Ginger Fizz Iced Tea

Sip some Summer Feelgood with this fabulous Earl Grey and ginger ale iced tea recipe.