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St Clements Iced Tea

St Clements Iced Tea

Bright clementines and zingy lemons say "summer" like nothing else and are perfectly combined in this vibrant and refreshing iced tea.

Serves1-6 People
Makes In10 mins


Per Highball Glass

Twinings St. Clements (Cooled)
2 tspAgave Syrup or Sugar
1Clementine (Sliced) to Garnish
Ice Cubes

Per Pitcher

1 litre
Twinings St. Clements (Cooled)
12 tspAgave Syrup or Sugar
3Clementines (Sliced) to Garnish
Ice Cubes


  • Infuse the St. Clements tea bag(s) in freshly boiled water for 6 minutes and then remove the bag(s).
  • Stir through the syrup or sugar and leave to cool.
  • Serve over ice.
  • Garnish with clementine slices.
St Clements Iced Tea
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