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Buttermint Iced Tea If you fancy something cool, a chilled glass of mint and vanilla flavoured iced tea is the perfect drink to serve on a sunny summer afternoon.

Serves1 Person
Makes In10 mins


Twinings Buttermint Tea Bags
750mlNon Alcoholic Ginger Beer
200mlFreshly Boiled Water
2 ScoopsIce Cubes
Fresh Strawberries and Orange Slices (Garnish)
10mlMonin Vanilla Syrup (Per Serving)


  • Fill up your kettle with fresh water.
  • Place the Twinings Buttermint tea bags in a jug and pour hot water over the tea bags.
  • Place Twinings Buttermint teabags in a jug and pour hot water over the teabags Leave to steep for 5 minutes and remove the tea bags.
  • Add two scoops of ice cubes to the jug to cool down the infusion.
  • Once the ice cubes are fully melted, add 700ml of ginger beer (we used Fevertree Ginger Beer).
  • Pop a slice of orange and a halved strawberry into each glass - we love using tall ones for this drink.
  • Pour over Buttermint iced tea, add Monin Vanilla Syrup, Ice and a straw and serve immediately.